Monitor Sniffer Software FAQ User Guide Network Setup

Starting Monitor Sniffer Software for the First Time
After you start Monitor Sniffer Software, just click the menu item Option->Select
Adapter. Then a window will show as below: Starting IM Spy Software for the First Time
After select a correct network adapter, Click Ok to button to  save setting and close window, Click the Start buttonstart to start monitor.

Running in Stealth Mode
Click the menu item Option->Config, Then you must check the "Hide main window when the program startup" option, Click Ok button to save changes.
In Stealth Mode, you must set a hotkey. The default hotkey is CTRL+M. You can press the hotkey to show main window.

Automatic E-Mailing
If you have use E-Mailing feature, The program will automatically e-mail you the chat logs at a set time. The chat logs is Zip file.
Description of Fields:

To test your e-mail settings click the Send Test E-Mail button. A test message will be sent using the e-mail settings.